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Project Description
This is a desktop language translator application. It allows the import for several popular subtitle and document formats.
Any product version less than 2.0 requires Net 3.5 Service Pack1 or higher to run.
Any product version higher or equal to 2.0 requires Net 4.0 to run.


As of December 15th 2008 this product has been certified by Softpedia. softpedia_free_award_f.gif

Below is a youtube video for a quick how to session:

Click here to view the video.
Or click here to launch youtube in this window.

Or, if you were intereseted in subtitle translation only, check the video tutorial below:

Click here to view the video.
Or click here to launch youtube in this window.

Quick guide for using this free multi language translator:
Open a doc, pdf, txt, html, rtf document, srt or sub subtitle file or a avi, mkv or mp4movie file, or drag it from windows explorer, or just paste some text in this panel, then select the “To” and “From” languages, click on the "Translate" and select one of the options from the menu.
As a convenience feature, you can right click on the file you wish to open in Windows explorer and select ‘Translate’ or 'Download Subtitles' when available on
If you have translated a subtitle file, once you save it, you can try playing it using its respective avi or mkv media file.
You can auto detect the language of the original text by using the context menu or the detect button from the tool strip.
You can create your custom dictionary to correct the online translation and save them for further use when using the “Translate and use Custom Dictionary” menu option.
In order to add an entry to your Custom Dictionary, select the text to be corrected, right click in the translation panel and select “Add to Custom Dictionary”. You will be able to make further changes manually by typing into the translation panel while tracking the synchronized original panel.
The keyboard language layout changes according to the selected panel and language chosen.
The status bar can display an optional empiric quality of translation. Selecting a smaller page size increases the translation time a little bit, but at the same time, for large amount of text, it can improve translation accuracy and synchronization between the original and translation panels.
Finally, select the translated text and copy into the clipboard, right click in the translation panel and choose “Copy Selection”, or just save it as a file using the “Save File” icon in the toolbar.
Enjoy this truly free application!
Note that if you translate secret or confidential content, the original and translated text flows unencrypted over the Internet
and Google can potentially inspect and/or store it.
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